Why Tf Am I Here? (EP)

He landed on our pages and many others via his breakthrough debut single “Sober” in 2022. Now two years later, dropping his debut EP is the young talented Noah D’Ambros also known as superflirt. The indie-pop/rock artist from Summit, New Jersey grew up playing drums and guitar in rock bands and later developed a love for acoustic pop/electronic music when shifting to being singer-songwriter, drawing massive inspiration from artists such as Dijon, Bruce Springsteen, Jeremy Zucker and more.

The brand new EP “Why Tf Am I Here?” consists of 6 tracks full of punchy drums, reverberated guitar lines, and layered vocals that is lead by nostalgic upbeat 80’s sound. Every track feels so raw with its intimate and vulnerable lyricism. From top to bottom this EP does not miss. This is only the start for superflirt. This is someone you should be keeping an eye out for in the future.

Produced By

Thomas Lanphear, Jack Laboz, Matthew Neighbour, Dylan Fitch, Jon Santana & superflirt

Release Date

February 16, 2024


Summit, NJ

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