Trevor Spitta
Arrive Alive (EP)

The slow build for Trevor Spitta is continuously moving forward and he’s reached a new milestone with the release of his new EP, “Arrive Alive,” and it truly surpassed expectations. Trevor Spitta’s project is comprised of 6-lyrical filled tracks that showcase the special talent he has as a rapper. On “Give ‘Em Hope,” The Oakland, NJ native spits a bar, “I been underground, if you find me now then you striking gold,” perfectly summarizing how we feel about the career ahead of Trevor Spitta. While rap is in a phase where lyrics are not all anyone cares about when finding their new favorite artist, Trevor Spitta makes sure we know he can rap and puts clever lines together, “feel like just yesterday I was freestyling in a lunch eating sloppy joes, and I had goals, now I’m ’bouta blow like snotty nose.”

While Trevor is known for his lyricism and rapping, “Ez” encompasses a whole new style and flow for Trevor Spitta. The track features Tommy Richman and is produced by Jonah Roy, the talented artist-producer duo hailing from St. Louis, MO, and is a track that staunchly stood out on the EP. The alternative, slow-paced beat allows for both Trevor and Tommy to do their thing, showing promise that we may hear even more from the two in the future as this was not their first collab together. As one goes through the EP, this track’s sound is like no other. For any rap, let-alone music fan, Trevor Spitta is an artist that needs to be added to your playlist, his EP is a must-listen.

Produced By

Mirgalen, Kontent, Anwar Sawyer, YOG$, Jonah Roy, SoChildish, & OSVMA

Release Date

February 23, 2024


Oakland, NJ

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