47 (EP)

Per usual, you could’ve found “Beanie” on our playlists within the first days of it even being released. That debut song from Chezile, since its release on November 29th, has now eclipsed over 4.5 Million streams on Spotify alone. It’s been especially taking off as late, on a global scale with his top 5 streamed locations being 5 different countries. Making it the perfect time to drop more music, coming in the form of a full EP titled ’47’. Chezile had been teasing these songs and others on Tik Tok since the early days of 2023, which is how we even initially came across his music.

And now with a lot of new ears tuning in, we’ve got 6 new songs to dig into from a still pretty mysterious new name that we don’t know a whole lot about, but he’s gaining a lot of traction and he’s got the music to back it up.

Produced By

Chezile, AMARAH, Hazey Eyes, Basil Jet, Lucia Collado & Mathew Worthem

Release Date

February 27, 2024



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