Lost Decades
take a look through my eyes (Album)

A few years ago the dark ambient RNB scene started to bubble up again after artists like PND, 6LACK, and The Weeknd pioneered the sound. Once Tory Lanez and the Weekend saw widespread success after incorporating older pop/disco influences, the doors opened for artists like Lost Decades to give their take on the subgenre.

He has been experimenting with this sound for years now dropping a decent amount of singles but the past few years have been relatively quiet. However, Lost Decades plans to hit the ground running this year with his new album, “take a look through my eyes” which dropped on February 9th. The project consists of nine songs with most being Darker RNB but a few feature rap verses mixed in with his singing.

My personal favorites on the album are “your love is a lie”, “Galileo”, and “it’s cold outside, let’s just stay in”. All three of these encapsulate what sets Lost Decades apart from his peers, songwriting, voice, and versatility. The vocal performances on these songs are phenomenal but that is expected from an RNB artist. Alternating between belting his voice to spitting over some J. Cole-esque beats, his lyrical ability both in the rap and RNB verses displays the potential he has to crossover into multiple genres. This is only the beginning for Lost Decades and he plans to drop a handful of projects throughout the rest of the year.

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February 9, 2024


Tempe, AZ

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