Lexa Gates & Alé Araya
Lately, Nothing

Lexa Gates’ newest release, “Lately, Nothing” brings an incredible duo together in Lexa Gates and Alé Araya. The slow, sunset-like beat embraces Lexa Gates as she enters the song with a monotone, well-lyricized verse, leading into Alé Araya’s glowing voice singing the chorus to the track. The cover art perfectly depicts the feel of the track, sounding almost as if bedroom pop and rap had blended perfectly together. Throughout the track, Lexa Gates’ and Alé Araya’s voices crossover in harmony, creating an incredibly catchy chorus that is sure to be stuck in your head after a few listens.

Lexa Gates is a Queens, New York native, with local inspirations like Pop Smoke and Westside Gunn but also a child of the internet and her hearing everything from the Aaliyah her mom was playing or the waves of Odd Future and so much more. And it was that expansive range of influences that led her to such a unique sound that takes a small piece of it all and puts it all together for a sound that’s unique Lexa. And she’s been getting better and better at it ever since first releasing music and creating some buzz in 2020. She’s made good ground already but yet “Lately, Nothing” is sure to boost Lexa Gates onto the map even further. Lexa Gates’ releases prior have similar vibes, yet none are quite like this release. A bit more rap-heavy than past releases, it’s still a roller coaster ride of a song that’s not just packing one flavor. If you’re looking for a new artist to be a fan of with a unique style of musical artistry, Lexa Gates is the perfect choice for you and your playlist.

Produced By

Pierce Allen, Joshua Peter, & CARRTOONS

Release Date

February 23, 2024


New York, NY

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