black hole swimming pool

Simple chaos- perhaps an oxymoron, but a perfect descriptor for ggwendolyn’s latest release, “black hole swimming pool”. There is truly no song in her fresh discography that doesn’t exemplify vulnerability- a trait often misinterpreted, or depicted in an unaccessible way. ggwendolyn not only reflects vulnerability through her music, but reaches out an arm to the listener and “black hole swimming pool” is no exception to that.

The hypnotic, stacked vocals tastefully placed in certain parts other a therapeutic quality, and the melody keeps you on the edge of your seat as the harmonics change in unexpected, but rewarding ways. The painful, yet true to self honesty in “black hole swimming pool” lingers even after the song, making sit and reflect on the now, and the future of yourself in the context of the past. The vocal licks hit just right, and you sit on the two sides of the barricade of the song: the stage (where you feel more vulnerable than ever), and the crowd (where you realize that you’re not alone, with the help of this song). We can’t wait to see what ggwendolyn will be up to in 2024!

Produced By

Ryan Raines & ggwendolyn

Release Date

March 1, 2024



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