Look Around / Simple

Sacramento sibling duo Jia* released two amazing first songs last month, which we playlisted and they subsequently got Spotify’s Fresh Finds’ stamp of approval as well. They are naturally gifted in music and make it very obvious on both “Look Around” and “Simple”, which they produced and wrote themselves. Each song displays Jake’s immense vocal talent with what sounds like background vocals from Sofia. Both songs have a similar vibe but Simple stands out as it features both of them duetting a majority of the song, really showing off what they are capable of.

Not to mention, they’re from the same hometown as me so, perhaps i’m a tad biased but i’m fully rooting for their success. With another new drop on the horizon for next month, things are just getting started for the Sac-town natives and with the beautiful music they have to offer, they’re bound to grow like a weed. Give the pair of debut songs a listen and I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

Produced By

Jacob Augustine

Release Date

February 19, 2024


Sacramento, CA

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