Diamond Ray
Kiss the Ground

Diamond Ray is no stranger to taking chances. She dreamed of being an artist as a little girl and when the time came she rolled the dice and moved to LA to pursue her aspirations of being just that. She Grew up listening to hits after hits on Q95.5 Eastern Kentucky’s Best Radio and writing her own music, it was only right the Kentucky Native would write and release a hit of her own in new single, her second ever released “Kiss the Ground”.

Most times, the best music and best artists can’t be put in a genre box. ‘Kiss the Floor’ a prime example as it offers a rich fusion of Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock among others. Driven by seductive melodies and a high energy delivery, it’s impossible to not put this song on full blast on every single listen. And once you’ve had this song on repeat so long that you remember the lyrics, you’ll be shouting the anthemic chorus along in tandem.Diamond Ray shared this publicly:

“‘Kiss the Ground’ at the surface describes the feeling the majority of us have experienced too many times. Having one too many, and telling yourself you’ll never drink again, only to repeat the cycle. The underlying story though, is one of addiction. This is also simultaneously a story of ups and downs that life brings, embracing rock bottom knowing that the situation temporary and the only way is up (…) “.

Diamond Ray is an artist we should all be keeping on radar as she seems ready to break through in full stride with no intentions of slowing down. Expect more music music to be coming soon from Diamond Ray.

Produced By

Wyatt Karakas & Blake Bigfoot

Release Date

March 21st, 2024


Wheelwright, Kentucky

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