No Place Like Home

Literally just one week ago today, a relatively brand new face named FLAKE got his band together, told ‘em to “meet me at my shed” and history was made. And it was all uploaded to instagram reels to make virality out of the momentous invention. And with masterful timing, that new single, “No Place Like Home” just dropped today. Behind shredding guitar riffs, FLAKE flexes his strong range, tasteful distortion while reflecting on feeling like you’re falling behind, wasting your time in your hometown, but realizing it’s the place you still call home.

FLAKE’s infectious voice is making all the right turns on the alternative highway as he performs emotively, honestly, but most importantly pours glasses of empathy. When listening to the Wichita artist, you feel for him and with him at the same time. Tell your friends, family, distant cousins, and people you say you’re gonna hangout with but keep pushing back plans with, that shed rock is IN.

Produced By

FLAKE & Gabriel Alexander

Release Date

March 29, 2024


Wichita, Kansas

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