David Alexander
Loved By You

The pop ledge is back (that means legends to you boomers)! David Alexander is no stranger to catchy hooks, melodic ear worms, undeniably strong production, and honest lyricism.

“Loved By You” is a true-to-self pop ode that ponders on the feeling of the “what if we…” Perhaps a popular narrative, David never fails to make the popular fresh. His performance on the track strikes through as not only genuine, but interpersonal. “Loved By You” capitalizes on its secondary melodies, David’s charming vocal licks/ riffs, and strong sonic background – all ingredients for a strong pop piece. Perhaps where David excels in this track, and the rest of his discography, is his continuous good run of releases. His catalog proves not only to hold the title of good pop, but fresh, exciting pop.

We cannot wait to see what he has in store for the next year.

Produced By

David Alexander, John Buser & Benzi

Release Date

March 29, 2024


Denver, Colorado

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