Carlina de Place

It’s hard to get piano-heavy and emotive lyricism in songs right. Carlina de Place got it right. “Pieces,” her first song, deals with topics of unrequited love, coming to terms with vulnerability, and admitting personal rights and wrongs. Carlina’s cadence is perhaps the most enticing factor of the whole song. Though longer in melody at some points throughout the track, she clearly has an instinct to give particular emphasis and length to certain words, which ultimately makes her flow perfect. The tasteful choice of emphasizing particular parts with an echoey effect play a big part in her emotive and honest performance too.

The production isn’t short of tasteful as well. It feels 100 percent right, and at no point competes with Carlina on the song and vice versa. The sonic architecture of “Pieces” builds a beautiful space for her voice to come in and fill the room with a vulnerability only acquired if you had truly gone through these events. She’s definitely one to keep an eye on in the next year.

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March 1, 2023


Copenhagen, Denmark

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