near18 (EP)

Alt-pop newcomer ekols is here to sweep you off your feet with his insane vocal riffs, equally as insane musical production and incredible lyricism.

Ekols’ debut EP, near18, follows footsteps of melodic indie music, but pulls you into lanes of rock, hyperpop, alternative, pop, and cinema. This is the type of music you savor. You savor a good day, a bad day, or frankly any day when you can music that simply hits different. ekols is clearly not shy of not only keeping his genre definition-less but he’s also not shy of using his vocal range, paired with ear-wormy production techniques that shine throughout the whole EP.

Ekols is the blueprint for what many alt-pop artists can only aspire to be in terms of production, lyricism and vocal capability. near18 is as relatable as it is imaginative- perhaps the best qualities of songwriting in the alt-pop space. We genuinely can’t wait to see what he gets up to in the new year.

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April 3, 2024



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