Call Me I'm Lonely

She’s still a newcomer to not only releasing, but creating music as well but Cincinnati native SHOTY is an absolute natural if she’s already sounding this damn good.

With just her 4th release, SHOTY is back with an absolute spring and summer banger, “Call Me I’m Lonely.” The song is so bouncy, groovy, but most importantly refreshing in the realm of indie-pop, bringing subtle notes of RnB, funk, and alternative that weave in throughout the whole song. SHOTY’s performance on “Call Me I’m Lonely” is not only an honest one, but it’s a fun and entrancing experience that’ll keep you moving through all 96 seconds of the short but sweet track. In regards to the subject of the song, it could easily have a draining feel but SHOTY’s performance and cadence disregards that, and brings a fun twist to the popular feeling of desperation for someone / a partner.

The production in the song has a summer 2016 feel- a summer we’re all missing and craving desperately, and the lyricism is a perfect balance between catchy and unique. The little riffs, and intended enunciation on certain words depicts her taste- which is well developed. If this is what early SHOTY sounds like, I can’t even imagine how good future SHOTY hits are bound to be.

Produced By

Robin Cause

Release Date

April 4, 2024


Cincinnati, Ohio

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