Cowboy Malfoy

Cowboy Malfoy is a defining voice in experimental pop known for their dramatic flair and decadent soundscapes. A confluence of culture, the Sydney artist spent their childhood in diverse landscapes ranging from Saigon to Paris. That otherworldly sense of reality translates into their music by way of genre-hopping between jazz fusion, RnB house, and pop for a sound that is entirely themselves and unlike anything floating down the mainstream.

Cowboy Malfoy’s new single “Rockabye” is a self-written and produced reverie on the early stages of quarantine chronicling their chrysalis inside a creative shell. Leaning into the dizzying haze of monotony with sonics that tick like clockwork and undulating vocals, Cowboy Malfoy takes us back to a moment preserved in time. With dueling chord progressions, the track opens with a waltz-inspired tempo and later devolves into dance-fueled fever dream. The last verse of “Rockabye” will stay stuck on your mind with conversational lyrics that take you inside Cowboy Malfoy’s head poured over sublimely abstract electronics. “Rockabye” is nothing short of complex, and with Cowboy Malfoy’s track record, we’ve come to expect that.

Produced By

Cowboy Malfoy

Release Date

April 5, 2024



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