Corbon Amodio

Originally from South Africa, Corbon Amodio is a London based artist “using music as a means of expressing and exploring his identity, escapism, and intimacy.” His new hit single Lucy~ gained a lot of traction on Tik Tok over the last few days with his distinct content format of him riding The London Underground with his music overlayed.

While Corbon has had prior successes, and of course we playlisted him last year, this is by far his most addicting song. Short and sweet, only being 1:58 seconds, lucy~ leaves you wanting more, being left to replay the track over and over again. Before this track was released you were probably searching the lyrics “Bingo Bingo Baby” trying to figure out the title of the track. If you like this track, another favorite of mine is his other single honey~. With its driving bass and guitar riff, this fast paced track will pick you up and make you move. Keep an eye on Corbon, as he’s only been growing and growing. No need to gatekeep this one, because its only a matter of time before your friends know his name.

Produced By

Corbon Amodio

Release Date

April 12, 2024


London, UK

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