Public Order

Public Order’s first song release ever was back in 2021, and out of the gate itgot one of the best video game sync placements you could ask for (not better than fortnite duh), and landed in FIFA 22. And perhaps that song set the bar so high that now nearly 3 years later, is when we’re receiving the Wales band’s third ever single “HELLO”. But this new single is absolutely lush.

Documenting their journey via social platforms, it’s easy to pick up on the candid nature of the band. Their sound falls under that same umbrella of candidness, and collects the raindrops of an alternative sound, almost mid 2010’s pop-rock hit sonic environment.

In listening to “HELLO” you feel transported to the good times- whether that’s the tube ride home from a crowded loft, “coming of age” type of party, to the commute to work, hyping yourself up with fresh rock. Public Order is no stranger to hooks, strong vocal capabilities and frankly tight musicianship. “HELLO” capitalizes on a feels like summer sound (no pun intended). Weaving in their personalities with each guitar riff to tight drums and bass lines and of course a strong lead vocal.

This band is one to be on your radar, so pick up your tickets fast to the shows. We can’t wait to see what they’re up to this summer (and all summer’s to come)!

Produced By

David Ashraf, Jac Dodson, Damon Minchella & Tom Manning

Release Date

April 3, 2024


Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

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