With his spidey senses tingling, your friendly neighborhood, Buboy, is alert about love being right around the corner. Even as the seasons change, he knows that he and his lover will stay the same. From matching socks to love letters, their intimacy is straight out of a rom-com. As personal as this song is, listeners are radiating in his warm and inviting sound. They’re left questioning where the Peter Parker to their Mary Jane is.

Taking a grentperez approach, this song checks off all the boxes for the perfect love song. Gentle vocals, warm melodies, a slow tempo, and soft percussions. We are left falling in love with his love. Buboy’s not rushing the process, he’s released one singular song each year since 2021, making this single his fourth release on streaming platforms. And he just keeps getting better with each new song, but hopefully we wont have to wait a whole year for single #5.

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Release Date

February 28, 2024


Gainesville, Florida

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