helloworld is an LA-based artist and producer who’s been churning out electronic-tinged pop thumpers for the past couple of years, while always keeping the subject matter fresh. And on his latest track “Heartpiece”, he takes inspiration from of world of The Legend of Zelda. Written about yearning for something just out of reach, helloworld leans into a realm of fantasy with lyrical string melodies that unfold over lovesick vocals. The layered harmonies give a haunted, surreal feeling to the track and draw to mind icons of our imagination.

The music video voyages through vignettes of a daydream as helloworld reminisces on a dream he can’t attain. Dressed in a layer of shining armor, he searches through a desolate kingdom for cures to an unresolved affliction. Blending his influences of coding and video games into a complex sonic multiverse, helloworld makes music that immerses you in an otherworldly atmosphere. From his pristine production to poignant lyricism that seeks to fill a void, helloworld creates vivid experiences that take you on a journey.

Produced By

Asher Postman & helloworld

Release Date

April 12, 2024


Los Angeles, California

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