Sterling Hudson
The Town Without Me (Album)

Sterling Hudson first caught my attention with his candid videos playing music from his bedroom back in 2020. He’s evolved so much since then and he’s skyrocketed from social content to a profoundly original debut album entitled The Town Without Me. Hudson has been a standout from the start with a refreshing sense of self for a young artist. Sure of himself, even from those early days, you can trace Hudson’s progression back to the raw ukulele riffs he’d share on TikTok that now have found their full flourish as a part of his deliciously abstract record.

The album opens with “Chrysanthemum”, a track that starts as a string-driven pop ballad and evolves into a cathartic vocal outcry ripe with bittersweet nostalgia. The opening riff on third track “Sweater” takes hold of you from the start, only to be matched with an unavoidably infectious hook at the heart of the track. “The After Party” is yet another standout for Hudson that combines a symphony of brass, ethereal harmonies, and slow-rolling bass lines that swim beneath Hudson’s cadence. the town without me cuts through the surface with poignant riffs, blunt songwriting, and fearless vocals that make it really leave a lasting impact.

Produced By

Rowan Kemble

Release Date

April 17, 2024


Atlanta, Georgia

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