Riley Whittaker
The Bare Minimum (EP)

If you’ve ever wanted to find an artist before they blow up, then you should take a listen to Riley Whittaker’s debut EP The Bare Minimum. This entire EP is full of memorable lyrics, powerful vocals, and moments that’ll get you zoning out and perhaps contemplating on life itself.

The EP’s lead single Sedona, had a bit of a moment on socials. No gimmicks, no marketing frills, people simply loved the great songwriting. Another favorite of mine off the EP is the first track, The Bare Minimum. Starting with soft lyrics and piano, you can feel the frustration build throughout the song. This is one those artists that you have to listen to the full tracks, as what she’s creating here is much more than a catchy hook, she is a songwriter.

Make sure to check her out, so she doesn’t have to wash dishes anymore and can get back to writing amazing songs. This is one of those steady growth artists, so don’t be surprised when all of the sudden everyone’s talking about her. Everything from the writing, to the production is amazing, and its only a matter of time before the labels start calling.

Produced By

Tone Def

Release Date

April 19, 2024


Sedona, Arizona

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