310917 (Album)

Produced By

Croosh, Forest Green, soundbysol & Mike Baretz

Croosh isn’t exactly a new face nor is he anything close to a rookie when it comes to making and releasing music. Since 2016, he’s released over 150 songs. Considering his colossal output, it’s always been tough for me to keep up with Croosh but I know we’ve had him on a playlist or two in our early days and been hip for awhile. He’s always been good at this little music thing but it’s his determination and grind that’s perhaps most admirable. And it’s so nice to see that with that he’s really making it work, 600k+ monthly listeners and a primarily self-produced back catalog. He hasn’t exactly made it big but with a mammoth collection of music released and presumably less people to split the pie with producing solo.

But sincerely almost every time I do tap back in to what Croosh is doing, it’s f*cking hitting. Like with his latest album 310917 He’s got the art of weaving silkily delivered melodies and his raps together like a master. Songs like the opener “2000” perfectly capture how good this man can be with finding that catchy, perfect melody to headline a song. And that ain’t all packed into this 7 song experience.

It’s true, a music career certainly does favor the youth, but there’s still so many instances out there that prove that the door’s never closed. It’s incredible music like this that will always keep that door open. And especially when you’ve been honing your craft since playing with the MTV music generator on PS2, there’s no doubting the 10,000 hours have been put in and it shows in the beautiful music. If you do come across Croosh, don’t just gloss him over. There’s more music than EVER being released every single day, but when I take the time to actually write something myself and not just have one of our writers do it, that means something :).

Release Date

March 16, 2024

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Los Angeles, California

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