“runaway” is a major pivot for Nashon as an artist. As a vocalist, it represents his jump from hip-hop to indie. As a songwriter, it’s a track that revisits a past relationship and shows more intimacy than we’re used to from Nashon. There are so many moments in the track that stand out. From the distorted bridge that feels like a dive underwater, to the abstract vocal roars after the first chorus, “runaway” isn’t shy of taking risks. It all unfolds over hard-hitting drums, ascending bass lines, and a bittersweet riff that transports you to a fleeting moment of pure bliss. “runaway” has layers. While on the surface it might seem like a carefree tune, it’s really about escaping from the pressure of society and hiding out in the heart of another person. Released in retrospect about an ex-girlfriend, “runaway” captures the inevitable truth that nothing lasts forever.

Nashon is a New Jersey-born, California-based artist who is carving his own place outside the box of genre. Making the switch into indie-punk on “runaway” with the help of his producer Famous Friend, Nashon pushes boundaries as a vocalist. This track is a stand out because of its vivid lyrics, and nonconformist vocals that make Nashon an artist to bet on.

Produced By

Famous Friend

Release Date

May 15, 2024


New Jersey

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