Noah Rinker
After Dark (EP)

As the folk Americana genre continuously expands, finding a place of authenticity and connection that sticks becomes vastly more difficult. And yet with new artists appearing in every direction, Noah Rinker anchors himself in my mind as meaningful and lasting, rooted in openness and wrapped in poetic syntax.

Noah Rinker’s recent EP, ‘After Dark,’ is a three-song snapshot into desperation, wistfulness, and escape. Chronicling the need for relief after loss, recognizing one’s imperfections, and reminiscing on a love lost; it’s a mixture of wisdom and transformation from hurt to acceptance that’s made its way to over 160,000 listeners in the past few weeks.

This release, Noah’s first of 2024, found him an entirely new audience and identity, moving farther from pop piano ballads and toward a sound that feels grounded and natural with an emphasis on the acoustic guitar, the harmonica, and an outdoorsy feel. I certainly hope that it is in this lane he will opt to stay, and delve further into the storytelling ability he portrays through ‘After Dark’ in the coming months.

Produced By

Noah Rinker

Release Date

April 24, 2024



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