True Jackson
Paint Me

“Paint Me” marks her first release in nearly two years but True Jackson was never too far from music during that hiatus. While a sophomore in the Clive Davis program at NYU, she’s been playing shows all around New York City, even selling out The Mercury Lounge. True Jackson is back with her artistic, musical paint brushes.

She’s been growing her fanbase around the city but now she’s back to flaunt her artistic, musical paint brushes to the world. “Paint Me” questions the loyalty and commitment of a partner, all while it directs to just finally let loose. Prior to release, you could find True Jackson fans screaming the song at her consistent NYC shows, craving the release. Now, they have the luxury of the song being live on DSPs.

True’s performance on this track bleeds of honesty- and it’s so clear she’s feeling what she’s saying. Taking listeners down the highway of indie, rock, and slight pop-y melodies, it’s clear she’s going to pick up new passengers on the way, easily.

If you’re ever in NYC, and True happens to be playing a show, this is your sign to go.

Produced By

BLKMKT, Sebastian Jones, Jake Augustine & True Jackson

Release Date

May 10, 2024


Los Angeles, California

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