Bon Bon

If you were to go through my texts this year during SXSW, you would probably see a myriad of texts all stating the same fact – “Fcukers are the future”. The New York City-based trio blew me away over an entire calendar year ago with their debut double single, “Mothers” and “Devil’s Cut”, the latter of which is a clandestine ode to Beck. With these two songs heavily remaining in my rotation, I was left holding on to those two songs desperate for a follow up. After a virtual radio silence in terms of releases, Fcukers has released their followup single “Bon Bon”.

“Bon Bon” is joyous and adventuresome, dancey and energetic. Made up of artists Shanny Wise (lead vocals), Jackson Walker Lewis (bass and synths), and Ben Scharf (drums), Fcukers provides a dynamic, live, and raw approach to house music. Singer Shanny Wise takes the liberty to prepare listeners for summer – singing about going to the beach, getting dressed for a night out, and running around the city, all while maintaining the special flavor of what makes Fcukers a union of artistry, not just another house group following the status quo. 

Following a wildly popular run at SXSW this March, Fcukers caved to their avid fans and released “Bon Bon” earlier this month. In the modern era, Fcukers might be the pop stars the world unknowingly needs right now – reminiscent, 90s-inspired drums patterns, gritty basslines, and DFA-esque melodies. As the weather gets warmer and the sun shows its face more each day, expect me to have “Bon Bon” on repeat.

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May 7, 2024


New York, NY

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