Kiraly Payne
Fiendin f. Clarke Reed

There’s an epidemic of incredible rappers out of Chicago that deserve so much more attention on a national scale, and one of the best examples of that is Kiraly Payne, who’s showing and proving on his brand new project 4 1 7. To soft launch your Kiraly Payne fandom, let’s focus on standout single “Fiendin”. The beginning of the song is a familiar soundscape for anyone who has been on an early morning walk to take in the sounds of the world before its congested by the ongoings of a busy day in the city. The way the production breathes as the birds chirp pairs faultlessly with a simple acoustic guitar scale.

“I can’t seem to keep a hold on you – or maybe it’s not meant to be?”

“Fiendin” is already showing early signs of being Kiraly’s biggest song to date. From a melodic perspective, it’s equally infectious as it is introspective. After capturing your attention with the hook, Kiraly proceeds to cover a number of personal and relatable topics from his relationship with God, karma, his brother, and forgiveness to name a few. The vocal clinic that Clarke Reed puts on towards the end is the icing on top.

If self-reflection and self awareness are indicators of artistry at its purest, Kiraly & his pen game have it in spades. Give “Fiendin” and his album 4 1 7 a listen ASAP.

Produced By

Kiraly Payne & Niko The Great

Release Date

May 7, 2024


Chicago, Illinois

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