The A&Rs Have Been Flocking to Rap’s Latest Overnight Sensation sniper2004


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Tampa, Florida

Release Date

May 20, 2024

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Similarly to how ian and Nettspend have exploded amongst the underground rap community in a flash, it’s looking like a sniper toting Florida kid by the name of sniper2004 is right on pace to be the next talk of the moment. And this has all literally happened over the last 9 days, since he first uploaded a tiny clip of  “sniper gonna fuk” . Within this 9 day span he’s released his debut project of the same name, and it’s quickly become another song “rifle crew” that’s getting all the attention.

“don’t know if i f*ck more b*tches or snipe more dudes”

Maybe it’s the Y2K aesthetic matched with the sniper rifle he holds in all his videos, or maybe it’s the soulful beats he produces himself and raps over but “rifle crew” is also such an undeniably catchy song. While sniper2004 might not be for everyone, it’s undeniable that he catches people’s attention and can draw in an audience. Keep on eye on him cause there’s no telling who will be the next out up of the underground scene.

“I’m gon’ snipe the whole world, b*tch but I’ll never snipe you”