Benny Bellson

LA based Benny Bellson has a thing for spunky, off the wall tunes and the latest of his releases continues to prove that. “RUNAWAY”‘s sonic environment lives in the forest of funk and alt vibes while including streams of pop and indie weaved within. It’s the type of song you look forward to, and gleam once put on. Benny’s performance on this tune is impressionable, distinct and one that feels totally cool. When you hear a Benny track, you know it’s Benny. There’s no other creature like him that bends his voice in such a way.

Benny’s on a nice little run right now and it feels like only a matter of time til’ one of these songs catches the apple of the algorithm’s eye and really takes off and maybe it’ll just be “RUNAWAY”.

Produced By

Benny Bellson, Adam Henderson & Stacy Outrageous

Release Date

May 16, 2024


Chico, California

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