Paige Fish
In Another Lifetime (Album)

New high school graduate Paige Fish put out her second album this past Friday, a carefully woven culmination of all her best work to date. Featuring her heartwrenching single “24/7,” a moving duet with Landon Boyce, and feisty single “Ego” from this past February; Paige ties a thread through all her work with the theme and title: In Another Lifetime

In one of her new tracks, “The Bad Guy,” in another lifetime is a sort of explanation for letting someone go. The theme also shows up in “Earth,” as Paige equates the chasm in between her and her former love to physical distance, or in “26 and 24” as distance in time. Through half the album there is a wishing to be in this other or future lifetime, to bridge the gaps and be with who matters most to her again. Through the other half there’s gratitude for change, freedom, and peace in the certainty that nothing ever remains the same.

As she graduates high school, one can look back and see how Paige Fish has steadily found her songwriting style and vocal ability through the years. With a mix of vocal rasp and smoothness, and lyrics of both attitude and honesty about her heartbreak she is no one trick pony, able to adapt and capture a wide range of experiences. This album is her most cohesive, clever, and one that solidifies her identity as an artist. Beautiful from start to finish, it brings new life to all of her work and is certainly worth the listen.

Produced By

Carson Ripley, Michael VanWagoner, Mason Murphy & Aubrie Mitchell

Release Date

May 24, 2024


Springville, Utah

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