I had the ultimate of privilege of hearing Macinizby’s first single, “Closet” sometime last winter. In hearing the first few seconds, I had come to the conclusion then, and agree with it now that this is THE song. (ps. Maggie sounds identical on the track to IRL). Macinizby, also known as Maggie Bishop, is not only an incredible producer, writer, drummer, performer, artist but an incredible person overall.

Though I could write upwards of a thousand words on how incredible “Closet” is, it’s best to hear the story for yourself by listening. Maggie fills the indie-rock sonicscape with a confessional theme that stretches past the point of a diary entry- her lyrcisim takes over a whole entire world, and you feel immersed into it.

Between “Closet’s” stunning build-ups, breakdowns, choruses, and verses lays the fine weaving of developed taste and choice. It’s evident that Macinizby has spent time crafting her sound, story and artistry.

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May 24, 2024



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