In only a 2 month or so span, Pebbles&TamTam have been teasing quite a few different songs on Tik Tok all the while growing a fanbase and a fervor for the songs to be released on social media before he even dropping anything. The Berklee College of Music classmates promoted themselves so wisely on social media and of course it made it much easier because the music’s actually great and ear-catching.

But the song that sparked the biggest flame was undoubtedly “SUKI.” Eclipsing over 10,000 Tik Tok video creates and millions of combined likes on their own page, the hype for this song has been building and today it’s finally out! The odds are very good that you’ll be seeing this one on the viral charts soon.

Produced By

Boston & Pat & Pebbles&TamTam

Release Date

June 7, 2024


(Berklee) Boston, Massachusetts

Spotify Monthly Listeners


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