Siobhán Winifred

London-based Siobhán Winifred creates her own lane with her newly released song “Lungs”. Transforming a punk sound into a pop and folk feel, “Lungs” has a little of everything for all music lovers—booming drum lines, catchy verses, and a steady guitar line that roars during the chorus. “Lungs” brings nostalgia to teenage adventures and summer nights; get your Summer playlist out, this song is a must-add!

Winifred has been writing music since she can remember, but is fairly new to the scene taking the profession seriously in 2021. With “Lungs” being only her fifth release, she is exponentially gaining a strong fan base and is evidently showing growth from her first release on streaming in 2022. “Lungs” has shown Winifred’s versatility within the indie genre space and the bar is continuously raised on every new release she has. It is only a matter of time till she starts showing up on your social feed.

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May 29, 2024


Dorset, UK

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