Green Light

It mainly began from a slew of Tik Tok videos, teasing unreleased songs with a screen recording video from his Macbook of an unreleased song playing from FL Studio. In one of those, BABYKIRA showed the world “Green Light” and it took off, especially in the music tastemaker/a&r circles. And that’s all because when you hear this song it’s so easy to identify the special talent that’s here in front of us.

In his debut release, BABYKIRA transforms a raw sound into a deep and emotional single in his piece “Green Light”. Kira preaches his drive for success. His verses are powerful and his vocals are even more strong. Kira’s gospel-like vocals give a ‘Frank Ocean’ type of feel- his versatility is evident and paired with a simple and poetic instrumental allows his musicality to shine.

This is only the beginning for BABYKIRA, his artistry and vision are only setting him up for success in the future. Ultimately, “Green Light” paints the image of an underdog never giving up, for anyone who needs a pick-me-up type of piece, this is the one for you.

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Release Date

June 6, 2024



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