Dipsea Flower

Dipsea Flower is inviting you into summer a few days early with their radiant latest single “Sundance”. Crackling campfires, fresh morning dew and salty California air – the band’s second single soundtracks your dream road-trip making it out of the group-chat.

Produced by Jon Gilbert (Mt. Joy, flipturn, John Vincent III), the track paints an earnest yet hopeful take on young love. It raises a toast to “falling fast”, fully embracing present passion no matter how fleeting. In his unmistakable tone, Ari Rosenberg (band-leader) sings:

“So light my fuse and build my fire
Burn me down, ‘cause every empire ends
And I won’t be the one who breaks the chain

So take my cards and tell my stories
With pretty pictures and allegories
And tie the bow, and send me on my way”

Mature and graceful, he makes peace with growing up and out of relationships – even versions of himself. Still, unapologetically sentimental, he concludes:

“Through all of the embers / I hope you remember loving me.”

We don’t get to keep anything, or anyone for that matter ; but it probably makes it the more beautiful. So while summer lasts, “just let that sun dance across your face” – and make sure you join us in singing-along to who could very well become our generation’s Lumineers.

Produced By

Jon Gilbert

Release Date

May 24, 2024


Bay Area, California

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