Wiley Beckett
Ostentatiously Unmistakably

Admittedly, I don’t venture out to Brooklyn as often as I should from Manhattan, but I am glad I did a few months back. After being invited out to a sold-out show at Baby’s All Right by his manager, Wiley Beckett wowed with his prowess on stage, belting out a cover of the beloved “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker. But it was his original music, like “Disco Nights,” that made me think: “Oh shit, this guy is pretty damn good.” And then Wiley delved into his unreleased catalog, catching my attention with his newly released single, “Ostentatiously Unmistakably.”

On the surface, Ostentatiously Unmistakably is a “screaming tirade about having too much shit to do and no time to get it done,” but in reality, it’s a love song. Wiley Beckett embodies that he’s “got attitude” throughout the track, as his punchy vocals make for a catchy chorus to an ostentatious track like this one. I honestly agree with the lyrics Wiley penned out for the chorus, I, too, have shit to do (like writing this post), work to do (also, writing this post), and girls to do (no comment), so I had to make sure to get this post out in short order. “Ostentatiously Unmistakably” is the first single off of Wiley Beckett’s upcoming EP, which is set to be released sometime in the fall. When that does drop, I’ll be sure to hit the download button ASAP, remembering the wise words of “Ostentatiously Unmistakably” – I’ll have shit to do, like listening to the Brooklyn native Wiley Beckett.

Produced By

Ben Coleman & Wiley Beckett

Release Date

June 14, 2024


Brooklyn, New York

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