Amie Blu
something will give

Hailing from South East London, Amie Blu captivates the all-too familiar feeling of doubt, and losing patience within a somber mood with “something will give”.

At only 21, she has a musical palette that extends beyond her years, and encapsulates the grown comfort in isolation (and the self awareness of it) from the people you love. On her way to play a course of headline shows across Europe in the fall, Amie is taking the stage with her powerful lyrical messages.

Blu is no stranger to vulnerability in her music, and her latest release further proves that. The simple production carries the emotional lyrical layers she performs on the title track of her EP, released just last week. Amie sings, “And it’s almost three, And to test you won’t leave, I go to say things, That I don’t mean” – experimenting with the “what if’s” of relationships and boundaries, Amie puts our inside thoughts in a song, tapping into personal moments. The way she taps into personal details that somehow relate to all, is an incredible skill that can’t be taught. She has the natural foresight for not only writing, but eloquently performing.

Blu has a set of lyrical, production, and performance paintbrushes that aid in painting her perfect canvas, now, the question lies- which musical canvas will she deliver next!

Produced By

Jonah & Jay Flew

Release Date

June 12, 2024


South East London, UK

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