Bon Iver

Straight out of the City of Brotherly Love, self-proclaimed “punk-rap-popstar” Kyro creates a feel-good, summer anthem with his song “Bon Iver”. At only 22 years old and with a dozen releases under his belt, Kyro has shown his versatility before but his newest release is as genre expansive as they come. Bolstered with booming drums and steady punk guitar, it’s easy for a vocal performance to be lost behind the composition. Yet, what stands out is Kyro’s ability to project the song’s energy through his voice, truly bringing it all together.

“Bon Iver” demonstrates Kyro’s genre-bending sound, compared to his other pieces, he takes a chance on a ‘pop’ feel and it pays off, making it one of his strongest yet. This release has the opportunity to open doors for the young artist, it shows his adaptability and ability to create a sub-genre of its own. Ultimately, Kyro has a little bit of everything for everyone in his growing discography. If you are a punk fan, alternative enthusiast, or pop connoisseur Kyro is for you. It is only the beginning for the young Philly star.

Produced By

Caleb Matheson

Release Date

June 19, 2024


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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