Leo Waters
On Waters Ave (EP)

Produced By

Donn Robb, Henri Velasco, Eelis Samuel Oikarinen, Noah Kobi, T Y, Mason Sacks, Nabeyin, David Frank, Jai Beats & Dale Cheon

From dancer to R&B starlet, Tampa raised Leo Waters has been one of the fastest risers in the scene following his debut single “Smoke + Mirrors from this past December. He’s been plotting and stacking up masses of songs over the past couple of years. Under the tutelage of accomplished Donn Robb (The Kid Laroi, Juice WRLD & more) for the past couple of years, Leo’s been plotting for a while now and stacking up masses of songs. And we get our first heap of that in the form of Leo’s debut EP On Waters Ave.

“Leo Waters means King of Waters. Waters Ave is my home street and a cultural hub representative of my mixed Latin heritage and small town familial ties. Having had to fight tooth and nail to come up in Tampa, I now feel it’s time to tell my story as an artist leaving home to face the urban jungle of Los Angeles.” – Leo Waters

Surface level wise, it’s just some beautiful, lofty, addictive music. All with an R&B-tinged direction, but each song takes its different shape. There’s your choice of the guitar ballad “Outlaws”, an upbeat night drive song like “On Me” or a Bryson Tiller type beat like “I Won’t Forget”, on top of 3 other songs that seal off the 6-track EP. And it’s ultimately just a perfect showcase of Leo’s gorgeous voice and the potential he’s got in store, that’s sure to just keep moving the needle forward for one of our favorite newcomers.

Release Date

June 21, 2024

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Tampa, Florida

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