There’s a reputation that comes with the name Fashionably Early. Developed from years of putting a lens on talented yet to be discovered artists, Fashionably Early became a go-to source for a&rs, managers and music industry folk of all sort; basically anyone whose career could benefit from discovering talented new acts before they get on any editorial playlists, or before they even start accruing streaming numbers or followers. That intel has aided artists directly and indirectly in getting the important ears on their music that they need to take it to the next level. Whether that’s in the form of bigger curators finding the artist from us, record labels finding them from us and signing the artist etc.

But that influence is only effective when there's a strong team upholding the name, doing the extra legwork to find the truly special new artists.

Which is where we need your help! If it's something that interests you, and you're interested in a career in music and are especially passionate about helping artists early in their career, this is the place for you! if you've ever wondered how to get a job in the music industry or how to get your foot in the door, Fashionably Early can be that first door. A way to begin to make a name for yourself, while supporting and helping amazing new artists that you love in the process. Damn near everyone moves onto bigger and better things once they find an incredible artist to manage while contributing for Fash or they find a full time job in music in the process.


Follow along with the instructions on the form below

You will be asked to provide a playlist/sample of new artists you think we should be paying attention to, allow time before starting to fill out the form if needed

FYI, we're NOT looking for photographers. It's not a part of what we do nor has it ever been.