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Julian Malone – Bitche$ x Snow

I thought this guy was supposed to be dropping his Diff.rnt mixtape a while ago, what happened? Well we do have two new songs...

Julian Malone – Letter From A King

This is a loosie from Julian that wont be on Diff.rnt.

Julian Malone – Chicago Zoo

Just a little bit of newness from Julian Malone late on a Saturday night when most of ya'll are out enjoying yourselves. Diff.rnt drops...

Julian Malone – Let Me Go

Julian Malone dropped off this track for immediate distribution today. This one will be on Diff.rnt.

Calez – Thxs x Thxt (prod. Tye Hill)

He's definitely the most active member of the 2008igthies crew as a solo artist. This is the first official single from his upcoming mixtape...

Legit – Figure 8 (prod. Dee Lilly)

I don't think we've gotten any music from Legit at all this year aside from maybe a guest feature so it's nice to get...

Julian Malone – Chill

Just as J. Cole sampled the groove on this A Tribe Called Quest classic, now Julian Malone takes the entire instrumental and drops some...

Calez – G-Unit Bundle Pack [FreEP]

Maybe you guessed it first but on this EP Calez takes to some G-Unit classic beats and raps over 'em.
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