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Atmosphere Announces New Album, Drops New Single “Ringo”

Atmosphere has been keeping the music coming strong in their later years and today they announce their 7th album Fishing Blues. Ant and Slug...

Atmosphere – Trying To Fly f. Eric Mayson

Slug and Ant keep pushing on here, delivering us another new one, this one in inspirational form. Listen to their latest "Trying To Fly"...

Atmosphere – Salma Hayek

Atmosphere just blessed us all with a treat this evening. The treat comes in the form of a new song, and while the title...

Atmosphere – My Best Half

Dedicated to Slug's best half, his wife, whom he met at a bar in Germany. Slug tells the story over a characteristically slick instrumental...

Atmosphere – This Lonely Rose f. Blueprint & Aesop Rock

Driven by a nice lead guitar sample, here's a real nice collaboration from indie stalwarts Atmosphere, Blueprint and Aesop Rock.

Atmosphere – Sunshine (Video)

In recent years, Atmosphere has really love creating and releasing music videos so it was always peculiar that arguably their biggest hit "Sunshine" never...

Atmosphere – January On Lake Street (Video)

In celebration of the New Year, Slug and Ant add to their massive collection of music videos from their last album.

Atmosphere – My Lady Got Two Men (Video)

I missed this one yesterday, yet ANOTHER video from Atmosphere's latest album Southsiders. This one takes a comedic turn with retro visuals and some...
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