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B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) – Ricky Ricardo

These Bronx delinquents are out here watching I Love Lucy reruns on TV Land in their free-time and they had to let it known...

B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) – FEELZ (prod. Metro Boomin)

Bruh, shouts to the Bronx's Bitches Is Crazy. They've been doing their thing, gaining attention and fan support and then boom, they drop this...

B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) – RED (Mixtape)

The Bronx crew is celebrating the holiday with this new mixtape RED give it a spin. RED by B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy)

B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) – STFU

Thanks to The Fader's premiere, we have the Bronx crew's new single "STFU". It will land on their upcoming tape scheduled for this March.

First Appearance: B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) – Influence [Mixtape]

I was going to come in here, explain my disapproval of this hip hop group's name but then I thought to myself why I...
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