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Chris Rivers – It Aint Hard To Tell (Video)

Big Pun's fully developed sperm just dropped off this new song and in it, he's spreading his sperm on, keeping the cycle of life...

Copywrite – Big Pun Dedication

Copywrite dropped some new rhymes in honor of what would've been Big Pun's 41st birthday yesterday. BIG PUN DEDICATION FREESTYLE by COPYWRITE

Chris Rivers – Wonderland Of Misery [Mixtape]

This is Big Pun's son. Now that I caught everyone's attention, check this guy out. He is actually the seed of Big Pun. He's...

Big Pun – Still Not A Player (Demo Version ft. Cuban Link) [Unreleased]

I swear you can find some crazy stuff scrolling through some forums.  I found this gem on boxden.  "I don't wanna be 450 pounds...

Special Day In Hip Hop

Today is very special. On this day, two legends were born, and one died. The most notable for me is definitely J Dilla. He...
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