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Russ – Shootin Up f. Bugus

Russ is back with another self-produced jam. Russ is really killing it right now, tune in and wake up.

Bugus – Monkey With A Camera (Album)

I haven't kept up with Bugus' releases all that well to be honest and I blame myself partly but his records are often hit...

Bugus – 2020 [Mixtape]

01 The Pursuit of Happiness 02 Plastic to Platinum 03 EL Jefe 04 G’s Up, Hoes Down 05 Hella Hataz 06 Art Money Trees 07 G6 Landaulet Boy$ 08 Fuck Everybody 09...

Bugus – Elegant Profanity

Here's a new dude a stumbled upon that isn't half bad. I think most of you will dig this because he has some mainstream...
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