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carsen unpredictable

Carsen – Unpredictable

Carsen's not a new name on the Fashionably Early pages and she's back with a nice new single. 'Unpredictable' is a real authentic acoustic-soul...
carsen die or ride

Carsen – Die or Ride

Carsen's a name we've covered a few times so far and she's back with another new drop. 'Die or Ride' features a soothing, upbeat...
carsen temporary pt 1

Carsen – Temporary Pt. 1

Last year, we covered Carsen's single 'Over' and she's back with her first drop of 2019. 'Temporary Pt. 1' is a nice down-tempo R&B...
carsen over

Carsen – Over

Carsen is a new artist on the Fashionably Early pages that is worth your attention. The reason is because of her new single 'Over'...
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