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Cobe Obeah – Roseshaw Magic

This song was an experiment and it never really got fully fleshed out. It's been laying around and Cobe decided to let it go...

Cobe Obeah & Nneka – True Colors (Video)

Wow, I forgot about this song but I guess it's never too late for a music video. This dropped in 2012 I believe but...

Cobe Obeah – Heru Story (prod. !llmind)

Cobe hadn't released anything in a little bit so he decided to go in over an !llmind instrumental to please the fans.

Cobe Obeah – The Hunger (strawberries) (prod. Madlib)

Taking some awesome production by Madlib by the throat on this new track which demonstrates the young man's hunger for more.

Cobe Obeah – Song Of The Starz: Dark Night [Album]

Cobe with a C dropped his new project today. He named this project after my favorite song of his which appeared a couple years...

Cobe Obeah – Soho Pimpin’ (prod. StarRo)

Cobe Obeah is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming project Song of the Starz II: Dark Night and it still lacks a release...

Cobe Obeah – Come Alive In August (prod. Blended Babies)

Cobe Obeah has a great ear for beats and he rocks over some awesome Blended Babies production on this new cut. This will be...

Cobe Obeah – True Colors f. Nneka

Cobe Obeah is more than just a talented rapper, he puts together great songs. This is the newest from the LA artist. This will...
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