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Doomtree – Final Boss (Video)

One of the standouts from Doomtree's new album All Hands was this cut. Now, peep the corresponding music video.

Doomtree – Final Boss

The new Doomtree album All Hands is all ready to drop two weeks from today on January 27. Before we get there, here's a...

Doomtree – .38 Airweight

We've been in the studio making a ton of songs with a new album in mind and are really pumped about how things are...

Doomtree – Team The Best Team (Video)

This is the music video/extended trailer to their new documentary. This song is from their latest album No Kings and this video is filled...

Dessa – Call Off Your Ghost [Video]

Doomtree's female rhyme slinger is on the prowl and this is her newest video for her upcoming album Parts Of Speech, out June 25th.

Dessa – Warsaw (prod. Paper Tiger)

The female rapper who started out with spoken word which drove her into the hip hop genre is planning on releasing her newest solo...

Dessa – Matches To Paper Dolls

The spoken word/poet turned femcee gives us a previously unreleased track from the Castor, The Twin sessions. Matches To Paper Dolls by Dessa

Doomtree – Bangarang [Video]

Very creative from a very innovative crew that resides in the north, in conditions that I couldn't bare. I hate it here in New...
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