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Juan Deuce & Falside – Galapaghost (Album)

The album cover of a Pineapple on top of a nearly defunct payphone may be artsy as fuck or meaningless and silly. I'm going...

Juan Deuce & Falside – Lakes

When Juan Deuce and Falside get together, cats get the Fire Department on the line and let 'em know they have a raging fire...

Falside – Baby Blue Bic

Falside proves that he's multi-dimensional with the beats with this dank new instrumental joint. This shit's the bee's knees.

Scheme – The Dive (prod. Falside)

The Chicago emcee Falside has cooled off since his last project and it's definitely time for the next musical campaign. This will be on...

Falside – Puppy Breath

Falside tackles a really serious issue with the title of his newest instrumental track.

Falside – Wintermentals [Instrumental Album]

Some beats for your winter experience. SUPPORT. Wintermentals by Falside

Falside – White Noise [Video]

The Canadian producer comes through to our side of the internet with a new video from his instrumental LP East Toast.

Juan Deuce – Larry Sellers [Video]

This video picks up where the last video "Krill Pill" left off. This Falside beat fucking rocks by the way.
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