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Artist Spotlight: lastclass.

lastclass. has been quietly crafting hits for the better part of 2018. Hidden behind anime stills, this intriguing artist bridges genres with ease and...

Fashionably-Early Presents: Heat Rocks 2015

This most crucial playlist of the year.

Announcing The Brand New Fashionably-Early

Find out the details about the new Fashionably-Early.

Exclusive: Fashionably-Early Interviews Gerald Walker [Video]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIdQHyIxp_U Well, this interview was done at Gerald Walker's first headlining show in Chicago on October 4th. It took so long to put this up...

Fashionably-Early Playlist Volume 1.3: “4/20/2012 Edition”

You could really consider 4/20 a holiday in the hip hop community.  So it was only appropriate for me to throw this playlist up here.  The original mix...
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