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ForteBowie – ‘Paid Programming’ & ‘Gas’

This man is slowly becoming one of my favorite artists.

ForteBowie – So Emotional (Video)

ForteBowie drops off a new infectious single 'So Emotional'.

ForteBowie – Recognize

ForteBowie is fresh off the release of his new single 'Blasphemy 3', and he's already coming at us with a new remake. He takes...

ForteBowie – Blasphemy 3

With a new ForteBowie project on the way, he kicks off the campaign with a cinematic singing/rapping single titled 'Blasphemy 3'. This single has...

Marian Mereba – September (Video)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zetMvGWYzQ I have been put onto Marian Mereba based on a handful of features I have heard her on, but 'September' is the first solo...

ForteBowie – Happy (1988 Soul Train Remix)

This was so crucial. ForteBowie decides to craft this '1988 Soul Train' remix of Pharrell's current #1 single 'Happy', and to say the least,...

Jacquees – Future Baby Mama

Though the cover may suggest otherwise, Jacquees' new single 'Future Baby Mama' is not about Future's bae Ciara. This ForteBowie produced track is the...

ForteBowie – I Cant Make You Love Me

ForteBowie is back with a new cover of Bonnie Raitt's song 'I Cant Make You Love Me'.
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